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Wedding Dj/Disco

So, the question has been popped? You’ve said yes!

Firstly, let us first extend our congratulations to you and your future partner!

Now the planning start, but we all know you have some decisions to make to ensure your wedding disco stands out.

  • How do we pick the perfect wedding DJ?
  • What style of wedding disco set up best suits us?
  • How do we know what wedding disco & wedding DJ we’re booking?
  • We’ve seen your company, why should we book our wedding disco with you?

The story behind Good Times J.A.M starts here! Good Times J.A.M initially launched as a wedding disco & wedding DJ business. Why did you focused on weddings you might ask?

Well, after many years of seeing other wedding disco’s & wedding djs, we felt wedding entertainment needed to be more about what the bride and groom wanted and less about the DJ wanted to play and hear. On this point, our wedding DJ’s all live by the same motto “Your Day, Your Way” What does that mean to you?

Here, at Good Times J.A.M, we want to ensure the wedding disco you book with us, fulfils your dreams, and matched your expectations. You may wonder how, so we have answered some of our most frequently asked questions, from brides and grooms, just like you.  

How do you know what our expectations are from our wedding disco?

Before every wedding booking, we arrange to meet or at the very least arrange a phone call / skype conversation with every bride and groom. During this call, we complete a 5-page planner, ensuring we understand the needs of your wedding day as much as possible. This also gives you the ability to ask questions, make requests and rest easy that your wedding entertainment is taken care of.

Will your wedding DJ play the music we want?

All our DJ’s carry a large hard-drives of music to every wedding. These very same hard-drives carry around 130,000 songs, ranging from the 50s right up to new day. Our DJ’s are tasked with ensuring they update their hard-drive as much as possible, to ensure we carry the music you want for your wedding disco.

If we want to request my own music, will our wedding DJ play them?

Perfect. We love receiving song requests from our Bride & Grooms, as this ensure we can really gain an understanding of how you want your wedding disco to take shape. We recommend every Bride & Groom send us around 30-40 song choices, however the amount you send us is entirely up to you. Part of our wedding planner form, involves you providing us with the song you want to hear and most importantly the songs you really don’t want to hear. By receiving these requests, your DJ will be able to create a vision of your wedding entertainment, and how best we tick those all-important boxes throughout the evening. 

What is included if we book our wedding disco with you?

When booking your wedding disco with Good Times J.A.M, we want to ensure you are receiving a classy, high quality disco & experienced DJ. Using fantastic equipment, we ensure the disco always looks spectacular. What’s more, all our wedding disco’s & DJ’s are fully vetted & insured, thus taking any stress away from you.

What styles of wedding disco set-up’s do you offer?

With three classy and elegant set ups to choose from, you can be sure, we can meet your requirements. Choose from our traditional starlit set up, single TV unit or our dual TV unit. Each set up comes with lights, speakers and podiums. Our exclusive TV units allow you to stream photos of your relationship, your friends & family or even your wedding day. The podiums can either colour change or be set to match your room décor, thus making it the way you want it. Our wedding discos can be set up at the most convenient time for you, whether this be before your reception or during your reception. This allow the flexibility to be able to use the P.A system and microphones throughout the afternoon for background music or speeches. Our DJ’s can also be booked all day, thus meaning we can be used as your master of ceremony, or provide an afternoon sing-a-long.